| 8/26/2015

iLEVEL DataBridge: Bridging the distance between GPs and LPs

In 2013, we published a paper that explored the frustrations that manual reporting processes created among GPs and LPs alike. Based on panel feedback from industry-leading fund managers and investors, “Bridging the Gap” underscored the urgency of a situation where an increasingly data-driven industry struggled to manage the data-sharing process efficiently.
We heard your frustration, and today, with the launch of iLEVEL DataBridge, we are proud to announce the solution. iLEVEL DataBridge transforms your LP Template Response process from a time-intensive chore into a clean, manageable process which delivers data to your LPs in their desired format.
iLEVEL DataBridge data automatically populates any template request issued by LPs, which eliminates manual rekeying, improves data integrity, and ensures GPs retain total disclosure control. Fulfilling a template request is as simple as clicking a button, checking the template, and pressing send.
Using iLEVEL DataBridge, GPs can:

●      Reduce LP Template Response efforts from days to minutes per quarter
●      Handle the increasing number of customized LP template requests
●      Enhance your LP’s perception of transparency of your portfolio
The launch of iLEVEL DataBridge puts a powerful new tool in the hands of GPs, enabling them to meet emerging challenges, deliver a higher level of service, and forge stronger relationships with their LPs.
To learn more about iLEVEL DataBridge, contact databridge@iLEVELsolutions.com.