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iLEVEL™ empowers fund managers and investors to control information and gain actionable insights by taking data collection, investment analysis and performance reporting to a whole new level.

Infographic: Risky Business — Spreadsheets and Portfolio Monitoring. 
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Infographic: Standard Valuation Methodology for VC-Backed Companies & Underlying Securities. 
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iLEVEL elevates your firm’s performance by helping you use investment data to attract capital, communicate transparently, and build rewarding relationships with the LP community. Download our brochure.
Qval enables venture capital and private equity firms to generate valuable investment intelligence instantly—including valuation reports, outcome and waterfall models, and scenario modeling. Download our brochure.
iVAL dramatically reduces the time your firm spends calculating value, evaluating exit strategies, and meeting audit obligations. Streamline and enhance company monitoring, modeling, and reporting so that you can make smarter decisions and spend more time generating value. Download our brochure.
iLEVEL for Real Estate allows you to turn real estate data into investment insight. Gain a new level of clarity over your assets with our portfolio monitoring solution that streamlines the data process, and consolidates data from a wide range of real estate software solutions into a single source of truth. Download our brochure.
Private debt investors use the iLEVEL technology to seamlessly aggregate and integrate data into a cloud-based “single source of truth,” making it easy to access, update, analyze, verify, and share with colleagues and clients. Download our brochure.

Case Study: Ipreo’s iLEVEL Platform Helps ff Venture Capital Go Beyond Standard Metrics

See how ff Venture Capital leveraged iLEVEL to alleviate on of their major pain points – collecting, aggregating, and parsing financials on a regular cadence – which allowed them to make the data accessible and actionable in real time.

Tackling the Valuation Challenge

On January 18th, Jaime Hildreth participated in PEI’s annual 2017 CFO / COO conference in NYC. As a panelist on the valuation track, she had an opportunity to dive into the topic in detail and made interesting discoveries about the processes and methodologies today’s firms are using to determine value.

Infographic: Ipreo PCM 2016 Year in Review

Take a look at some quick stats that showcase the continued growth in our expanding network of private market GPs and LPs!

SEC and Private Equity

Gain insight into the Securities and Exchange Commission’s response to an increasingly high-profile Private Equity class.

BRG CFO Roundtable Series - Webinar: 2017 Valuation Planning

On December 13, 2016, CFO/COOs from the private equity/hedge fund industry joined BRG and Ipreo Private Capital Markets to discuss Valuation Planning for 2017.

Tackling the Complexities of the Capital Markets

By connecting global capital markets, we are transforming the industry, redefining the status quo, and enabling participants to meet their toughest challenges.

Who is Ipreo?

By connecting global capital markets, we are transforming the industry, redefining the status quo, and enabling participants to meet their toughest challenges.

Meeting the Demands of a New Valuation Era

With today's ever-changing regulations regarding valuations, it's all too common to confront the unexpected during the valuation process. This guide provides five easy steps for a surprise-free valuation audit.

Managed Data Services: No chaos or confusion. Just the data you need, when you need it.

Learn more about our Managed Data Services solutions and how our team combines specialized expertise with a world-leading platform for data collection, analytics, and reporting.

Why Private Company Valuations Matter

Gain insight and understanding of how a privately-held venture backed company can actually have a publically-known value.

iLEVEL Case Study: How Cirrus Group has taken control of their data to prepare for rapid growth

See how Cirrus Group leveraged iLEVEL to prepare for rapid growth while gaining a new level of oversight, insight, and foresight.

Adjustments in the OPM: Time to Exit

Discover how time to exit selections and company circumstances will impact OPM.

The Option Pricing Model – Allocation of Value

Once a company’s value is assigned, understand how that value should be allocated to the owners of said company.

Volatility: Refined Selection or Sector Index?

Dissect the process and explore two different methods of calculating volatility.

Incremental DLOM: A Bridge Too Far?

Delve deeper into the topic of “incremental DLOM,” how it applies to company valuations, and how this concept differs between ASC Topic 820 and 409a valuations.

How Volatility Affects Our Valuation

Take a closer look at how volatility affects our valuation and rules of thumb to keep in mind when making determinations.

Weighing in on the Market Approach: What Holds Water?

Determine which metrics should be examined and what questions should be asked when assigning weight to a company’s financials.

Introduction to Volatility

Gain understanding of volatility and the impact it has on the value of private companies.

Apples and Oranges: When to Include Discounts

Discount for Lack of Marketability (DLOM) becomes relevant in any valuation where “marketable values” are utilized as indicators of a private company’s value.

Under Pressure: Valuations

As allocations to the private capital markets continue to grow, so too does the level of scrutiny investors place on their due diligence process. Significant due diligence is often performed by investors when evaluating a private equity fund opportunity. In more recent years, operational due diligence scrutiny has focused on understanding the firm’s valuation process and policies.

iVAL: Streamlined Valuations. Smart Decisions.

Learn more about iVAL, our valuation solution that’s fully integrated with the iLEVEL platform. iVAL dramatically reduces the time your firm spends calculating value, evaluating exit strategies, and meeting audit obligations. Streamline and enhance company monitoring, modeling, and reporting so that you can make smarter decisions and spend more time generating value.

Infographic: Standard Valuation Methodology for VC-Backed Companies & Underlying Securities

Discover how to utilize company-specific factors to determine the appropriate valuation methodology to derive and allocate enterprise value based on potential exit strategies.

Special Report: Ideal Holding Period

Is getting in on the ground floor of a venture backed IPO all that it’s cracked up to be? Read our special report to find out what questions to ask in order to maximize returns on investment opportunities.

iLEVEL: Join the Data Revolution

Learn more about iLEVEL, our secure, cloud-based platform that automates data collection, creates a single source of truth for the entire firm and enables portfolio analytics and report generation via Excel, on the web or on an iPad.

Infographic: Ipreo PCM 2015 Year in Review

Check out some quick stats that illustrate the explosive growth in our expanding network of GPs and LPs in the private markets!

Software Implementation: Asset Monitoring and Reporting Case Study

See how Lionpoint Group successfully implemented the iLEVEL portfolio data collection and analysis platform for a $24B Real Estate/Equity/Debt fund manager.

Qval enables detailed analytics and reporting

For venture capital and private equity firms that want a higher degree of control, accuracy, and transparency for deal modeling, shareholder reporting, and exit strategies. Qval enables detailed analytics and modeling capabilities focused on outcome scenarios, waterfall analysis, and valuations.

Infographic: Risky Business — Spreadsheets and Portfolio Monitoring

Nearly 3 in 4 private capital firms rely on spreadsheets to collect and analyze financial data. These sobering facts and figures will make you think twice about the checks and balances your firm uses to ensure accuracy and root out errors.

A Reality Check on Today’s Valuation Standards

Why the right deal terms and valuation methods have become so critical for equity investors.

The 3 keys to surprise-free valuation audits

To help your finance team navigate the murky waters of today’s complex reporting requirements, this guide takes a close look at the way Topic 820 (formerly FAS 157) financial accounting standards are currently being applied.

Learn how nearly 100 LPs are spending less time collecting data and much more time using it.

iLEVEL for LPs offers the features institutional investors need to minimize manual data collection, analyze their private capital portfolio more effectively, and gain deeper visibility into their holdings. Features include asset-level analytics, performance-to-investment thesis, levered and unlevered exposures, valuation metrics, key performance indicators, headcount, and much more.

What is the fintech game changer in private equity this year?

SuperReturn caught up with some of the most dynamic firms in fintech to get their views of the future in tech and private equity. Hear from Melissa Ferraz of iLEVEL at SuperReturn CFO/COO Forum, Amsterdam, 9-11 September 2015.

Privcap briefing: How GPs and LPs are managing the flow of PE data

How are GPs managing the “tsunami” of data that LPs are now demanding? And how will LPs actually leverage the data they receive? This Privcap brief is culled from a panel discussion featuring Thomas Franco and executives from two LP firms.

Webinar: PE data tsunami: Highlights from a Privcap panel

This highlight reel collects key insights from three panel discussions on private equity data. Find out how some of today’s leading institutional investors and firms are bringing a new level of efficiency, utility, and transparency to the crucial task of managing private equity data.

Privcap Webcast: LP / GP Data Sharing — Strategies and Challenges

Why is sharing portfolio data between LPs and GPs so difficult? Panelists from Clayton, Dubilier and Rice, Sigular Guff, and AlpInvest Partners discuss the challenges involved and share their strategies for enhancing and controlling the flow of decision-critical investment data.

Privcap Webcast: Does More Data Lead to Smarter Investing?

A panel of GPs and LPs from Clayton, Dubilier and Rice, Siguler Guff, and AlpInvest Partners looks into some of the more effective ways in which data can be used to benchmark investments, identify the early-warning signs of investments at risk, and spot opportunities with a strong potential for growth.

Privcap Webcast: A GP/LP panel discusses strategies for riding the data "tsunami"

Data and Excellence in PE Investing - Privcap meets with Thomas Franco of Clayton, Dubilier and Rice, Jay Koh of Sigular Guff, and Eduard Lemle of AlpInvest Partners Experts to discuss harnessing private equity data to monitor the portfolio and vet partners. Learn why private equity data has historically been so hard to capture and share and what PE data can tell you about the performance of your overall portfolio. See how AlpInvest, Siguler Guff and Clayton, Dubilier & Rice upped their data games.

Privcap Webcast: How "chasing data" holds back allocations and limits returns

Hank Boggio of iLEVEL discusses the need for better information sharing in private equity. Hear Hank answer questions like how can iLEVEL’s platform help the private equity asset class grow and hear him talk about iLEVEL’s origins within the Blackstone Group.

Whitepaper: A Quarter in the Life of a Limited Partner: How data issues are driving LPs to the breaking point

“A Quarter in the Life of a Limited Partner” takes a granular look at the quarter-to-quarter frustrations LPs face as they manage and report on private equity portfolios. By following the experience of Laura, an institutional investor at a mid-sized pension fund, the piece explores the ways in which technology has failed to keep pace with the realities of the job.

Briefing: Definitive Guide to General Partner Portfolio Monitoring

Perhaps you’re thinking about taking the plunge into automated, database-oriented portfolio monitoring so that you, too, can generate quality data that feeds insightful analysis and makes your entire firm more efficient and responsive to investors and regulators. But you’ve also seen too many technology projects fail miserably and you wonder what the impact will be on your internal procedures and your career, so you don’t want to go in blind. You don’t have to. The following Definitive Guide to General Partner Portfolio Monitoring answers the questions GPs ask us most, with wisdom collected from a hundred successful deployments and diagnoses on hundreds of other firms that have evaluated our software.

iLEVEL Customer Satisfaction Survey Infographic

The recent customer ratings indicate that iLEVEL clearly delivers on the promise to ensure client satisfaction and that customer satisfaction scores continue to improve. Some of the survey results included: Greatest value - single source of information, 67% indicated time savings, Net Promoter Score +54

Briefing: Defeating the myths surrounding Private Equity through transparent reporting

"Private equity is great. Private equity is terrible." Erik Hirsch, CIO of Hamilton Lane, explains in this Market Briefing why contradictory headlines and myths exist in the the private equity market, how the lack of reliable performance benchmarks is "shameful" and why allocations are lower than they should be. Erik concludes by explaining what GPs and LPs must do to remedy this problem. Sam Frieder, CEO of Kohlberg, then explains how his firm has taken steps to remedy the problem by adopting software to control data on its portfolio performance for internal and LP reporting. Shant Mardirossian, COO of Kohlberg, then explains how his team deployed the software.

iLEVEL Case Study: How Kohlberg & Co. has taken control of its portfolio company data

Sam Frieder, CEO of Kohlberg & Co. and Shant Mardirossian, COO of Kohlberg & Co. share how they have leveraged the Excel Add-In from iLEVEL to create a single source of truth across their portfolio. Shant then explains how Kohlberg deployed iLEVEL and demonstrates the kinds of internal and LP reporting that Kohlberg has created using iLEVEL. Finally, Sam & Shant explain the ROI on their use of iLEVEL

Webcast highlights: What Holds Back Higher Allocations to the Asset Class?

Erik Hirsch, CIO of Hamilton Lane demonstrates why the performance reporting sent to LPs is inadequate and even "shameful". Sam Frieder, CEO of Kohlberg & Co. shares the challenges that GPs have faced in providing better performance reporting.

Webcast highlights: What 2 Leading GPs are Doing to Deliver Better Reporting so Allocations Can Increase?

Erik Hirsch, CIO of Hamilton Lane demonstrates why the performance reporting sent to LPs is inadequate and even "shameful" and what Hamilton Lane’s co-investment team is doing to get control of portfolio performance data. Sam Frieder, CEO of Kohlberg & Co. explains how his firm automates data collection from portfolio companies and automates LP reporting.

Webcast highlights: Why do LPs Need Better Performance Reporting and How is Hamilton Lane Addressing This Need?

Erik Hirsch, CIO of Hamilton Lane demonstrates why the performance reporting sent to LPs is inadequate and even "shameful" and what Hamilton Lane is doing to aggregate performance reporting from a wide array of GPs and Provide LP clients with the Best Reporting in the Industry.

Briefing: The Ticking Time Bomb Hiding in Your Excel Spreadsheets

Universally trusted by the financial industry, Excel is the elegant, powerful engine that has driven some of this century’s most complex, multibillion-dollar deals. But it’s also behind some of its most costly and mortifying blunders. Read how firms are mitigating this risk today.

Whitepaper: Greater Transparency Creates New Opportunity for Private Equity Firms

Standardized, central repositories of reliable data are enabling fund managers to satisfy the information needs of institutional investors, identify opportunities to improve portfolio company performance, enhance internal efficiency and productivity and ease fundraising. This whitepaper, based on in-depth interviews with the world’s most successful fund managers, explores how all participants in the private capital marketplace are benefitting from information transparency.

Fund Manager Case Study: Enable Data Organization and Analysis

Automated collection and centralized storage of portfolio company data empowers fund managers to efficiently track investments and drive value creation. This case study delves into how a highly successful middle-market private equity firm accelerated performance reporting, streamlined quarterly reviews and expedited its valuation process by deploying iLEVEL’s cloud-based platform.

Market Commentary: Bridging the Chasm - Reporting in the Information Age

No longer does investing in alternative assets mean you have to settle for alternative formats for reporting. Institutional investors have come to expect granular reporting in consumable formats from their fund managers. The commentary in this paper recaps a panel discussion at the iLEVEL User Conference chaired by Harvard Business School’s Josh Lerner. It examines institutional investor reporting and fund manager-to-institutional investor transparency before concluding with a summary of the relevant aspects of the iLEVEL product roadmap.

iLEVEL Poll Results: Institutional Investors Seek Greater Transparency

Capital commitment decisions are increasingly being made based on a fund manager’s ability to offer transparency and better reporting to institutional investors. This report summarizes the findings from a poll conducted by iLEVEL and Hamilton Lane during a session on portfolio reporting and transparency at the 6th Annual Alternative Investment Conference hosted by Duff & Phelps. Poll respondents included fund managers, institutional investors and service providers.

EisnerAmper Report Featuring iLEVEL: Perpetual Fundraising in Private Equity

Fund managers are increasingly adopting sophisticated software and systems in order to provide greater transparency to institutional investors, deal with ever-growing compliance requirements and become more efficient in fundraising and deal sourcing. This report, featuring iLEVEL, highlights key discussion points and survey results from the EisnerAmper event “Private Equity Fundraising Results: Perspectives on Success” attended by leading fund managers, institutional investors, investment banks, service providers and specialized technology vendors.

EisnerAmper Insights Publication Featuring iLEVEL: Alpha Generation and Value Creation Through Private Equity Analytics

Analytics has emerged as an important tool for measuring value creation in private equity. Private equity analytics calls for sophisticated and innovative ways to manage and track all the financial, operational, and qualitative data associated with investments. This article, featuring iLEVEL and excerpted from EisnerAmper’s Financial Services Insights newsletter, discusses how purpose-built private capital software can transform the way fund managers control and communicate private capital data.