For General Partners

Use iVAL to simplify your valuation process.


Valuations Simplified.

Turn one of your firm’s biggest challenges into a quick and painless process with iVAL, the valuation module that’s fully integrated with the iLEVEL platform for portfolio monitoring, data collection, and LP reporting.

iVAL dramatically reduces the time your firm spends calculating value, evaluating exit strategies, and meeting audit obligations. Let iVAL streamline and enhance your portfolio company monitoring, modeling, and reporting so that you can make smarter decisions and spend more time generating value.

Streamlined Valuations. Smarter Decisions.

Flow data directly from the iLEVEL platform. Model multiple scenarios. Consolidate public and private portfolios. Handle any currency. Consider a variety of approaches. Generate trusted, transparent, detailed reports with one click.

With iVAL, your firm can spend less time quantifying value and more time generating it.
  • Integrated data. Map iLEVEL data and leverage third-party data sources throughout iVAL for a seamless experience.
  • Proven methodologies. Run valuations using a variety of industry-accepted and IPEV-compliant methodologies.
  • Cross-portfolio views. Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone analyses with at-a-glance value creation and value disaggregation statistics.
  • Comprehensive reporting. Generate standardized out-of-the-box reports or create custom reports using iLEVEL’s proprietary Excel and web-portal tools.

See it for yourself.