For General Partners

Use Qval for portfolio monitoring, deal modeling, and exit strategies


Empowering fund managers with transformative intelligence

GPs and VCs can use Qval to create new levels of efficiency and transparency from data collection through final audit packages. Combining industry leading portfolio monitoring, cap table and valuation technology, and optional managed services, Qval is the leading solution for managing, analyzing, modeling, and valuing alternative asset portfolios. Qval’s powerful data management platform reduces reporting cycle times, improves reporting accuracy, enhances internal and auditor communications, and provides higher quality data.

Sophisticated valuation tools and methodologies

Qval’s unique modules are SOC-1 compliant and empower venture capital and private equity firms to streamline and enhance portfolio company monitoring, modeling, and reporting.

  • Valuation Report Builder: Generate multiple versions of fully contained valuation reports with integrated Capital IQ market data, scalable workflow, and automated footnote disclosure.
  • Outcome/Waterfall Models: Calculate realized and unrealized company and fund returns, identify key breakpoints, and track returns by class and investor.
  • Portfolio Company Simulation: Get automated decision support with proprietary algorithms for waterfall distributions, term sheet analysis, and scenario modeling
  • Document and Key Term Searching: Improve data quality efficiency with reviewable workflows that link each data element directly to its source document.
  • Partner Communication and Reporting: Get everyone on the same page with standardized fund and company reporting with APIs that integrate with internal and external platforms
  • Auditor access and controls: Provide direct, controlled, read-only access to valuation reports and supporting documentation through a dedicated auditor portal.

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