| 5/8/2017

A full, integrated suite of Managed Data Services is now available in the market-leading iLEVEL platform for LPs

iLEVEL is now available for LPs with complete managed data services to provide the first fully-integrated data collection, investment monitoring, and reporting solution for Limited Partners, Funds of Funds and Administrators.
Ipreo Private Capital Markets (PCM), the premier provider of portfolio monitoring, valuation, reporting and analytics solutions for the private capital industry, announced today that a complete suite of managed data services is now available within iLEVEL for LPs.
The solution streamlines the collection of fund and underlying investment data from General Partners, providing Limited Partners and Funds of Funds full transparency into the lifecycle of their investments, including daily cash flow transactions, fund fee and expense analysis, quarterly valuation, and portfolio company performance metrics.
"Limited Partners are increasingly challenged to collect and manage the data they need to make informed investment decisions," said Jaime Hildreth, Managing Director and Head of PE and LP Market Strategy for Ipreo. "iLEVEL for LPs – now with managed data services - gives them a single source of truth where they can see and manage their investment data, evaluate manager alpha, and assess risk and exposure across all of their investments."
iLEVEL for LPs offers a more granular level of control and visibility, including the ability to drill into holdings or valuations at the underlying investment level and IRR performance at the fund and portfolio levels. LPs can also evaluate exposures by fund manager, vintage year, geography, sector, region or strategy. Data can be visualized, analyzed, and shared in a portal or through graphical, interactive displays and tables, allowing LP clients to trace all data points back to the source with one click.
The Ipreo managed data services team now supports hundreds of clients and thousands of funds and assets on a quarterly basis while complying with industry-standard control processes.
The iLEVEL platform has supported General Partners since 2010, with clients including seven of the top 10 private equity firms and five of the top 10 venture capital firms worldwide.
Expanding iLEVEL for LPs to include integrated managed data services was in direct response to intense client demand and market feedback.
Key features of iLEVEL for LPs now include: 
●      A central, accessible repository for both private investment data and documentation
●      Templates that format GP source documents to meet ILPA’s reporting recommendations
●      Data access from a secure, 24/7 web portal or iPad app
●      An Excel add-in for customized reporting
●      Ability to roll data up or down to the underlying investment, aggregate fund and portfolio levels
●      Integrated managed data services for timely, accurate, secure data collection.  Four key types of data collected on behalf of LPs:  Cash transactions, Partner’s Capital Account Statements, Schedule of Investments and Portfolio Company Operating & Valuation Metrics
For more information about iLEVEL for LPs, visit pcm.ipreo.com/Solutions/Solutions_Investors.