| 12/22/2015

iLEVEL 8.0: Enhanced analytics and deeper integration

iLEVEL 8.0 was released this past weekend, and the latest version gives iLEVEL clients a new range of analytic capabilities, more flexible presentation options, and deeper integration with Excel and Qval, Ipreo’s platform for running outcome scenarios, waterfall scenarios, and valuations. Top enhancements include:

Cash transaction analytics
Deeper analytics around cash transactions include forecasting, performing what-if analysis, tracking the as-of date of transactions and creating new formulas based on transactions. With iLEVEL 8.0, clients can:
  • Categorize transactions by scenario
  • Identify transactions that were active on a given date
  • Create transaction calculation formulas directly on screen
  • Assign date attributes to cash transactions
Performance calculations
Cash transactions stored on the iLEVEL platform can now be used to run a number of performance calculations:
  • Time-weighted returns can be calculated using the Simple or Modified Dietz Methods in Excel or through the iLEVEL Portal
  • Time Zero IRR calculations can be run on a group of funds, with data items returned in Excel
  • A comprehensive range of performance calculations and aggregations, including IRRs, Simple and Modified Dietz Formulas, Time Zero IRR and cash flow aggregations, can now be returned in Excel using a new iGetPerformance formula
Presentation enhancements
Data grid enhancements in the iLEVEL Portal offer greater flexibility around data aggregation and presentation. Data in grids can now be grouped together based on multiple shared factors, totaled and subtotaled, viewed according to groups where a collapsed view of sub-totals and totals hides the underlying rows, and exported into Excel with all values, including totals and subtotals and cell formatting intact.
Qval integration
With the new release, the iLEVEL and Qval platform integration has been enhanced to streamline data retrieval and transfer between the systems, enabling iLEVEL clients to access cap table data, securities terms, and valuation outputs.
Access these new features
iLEVEL 8.0 is a significant step forward in the evolution of portfolio analytics for private capital markets. We invite iLEVEL clients to contact our training and service divisions immediately for one-on-one guidance in configuring and using these new features.
To set up training, contact: training@ilevelsolutions.com
For on-demand configuration services, contact: services@ilevelsolutions.com